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Full Chapter List

1. Introduction
2. What to Expect?
3. What is a Landing Page?
4. 100 Ways to Get Traffic

5. Best PPC Practices
6. Data Driven Decisions
7. Customer vs Client
8. Final Throughts

Mark Hunter – Marketing Expert

Mark Hunter has been a marketing promoter for almost a decade now, getting to know the ins and outs of the industry in the meanwhile. He’s wrote 3 best-selling books on running online campaigns.

“Getting started might just be the hardest thing, so whether you’ve done campaigns in the past or just dabbling into ways to promote your business, this ebook has what you need. Really easy to follow and for a light read it really made a difference!”

Vlad Maan
Account manager

“I was amazed how easy it was to identify what’s missing and get my campaign rolling either by attracting free traffic or by setting up an Adwords account. I would have paid good money to have access to this info, great job!”

Collin Beard
Javascript Guru

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